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it’s just a book…soviet russia I

December 10th, 2008 · No Comments · Coffee Table Books, History, It's just a Book, Soviet Russia

David King “The Commissar Vanishes”

An incredible book that documents the evil, lunacy and silliness of power hungry political rulers; in this case Soviet Russia. Author David King collected these images over a period of 20 years.  Soviet art departments falsified history through retouching, faking or simply cropping photographs by adding or eliminating politicians depending on whether they were in or out of favour. While Hollywood spent hours making starlets look pretty, Communists were busy making Stalin look like a god.

We see Lenin and Stalin become greater friends than they had ever been in real life, and Stalinist Russia looking like a schoolboy fantasy come true. The retouching techniques are at times crude. Consequently, the whole selection would be nor more than an elaborate joke were it not for the fact that outside the frame, Stalin ‘cropped’ about 20 million people for real with the same ease that others applied to doctoring these images.

Ironically, seeing the altered photos side by side, this vast history of falsification that aimed to hide a great number of things actually reveals more about Soviet history than its leaders might have realised or wished.

You only believe in what you see?! Have a look at the book and think again…

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